Established in 2021

As the UK left the EU on the eve of 2020, combined with the Covid-19 pandemic. Aviation in the UK became a very different place to previous years. Changes in EASA and UK CAA, restrictions on general aviation, and constant changes air airspace meant the difference of flying in 2019 and 2021 became very different.

Flight Club was established based on the lack of clarity of resources available to pilots, and potential pilots. A group of pilots decided to take action and publish clear and concise information based on our experience, from current student pilots to commercial pilots and flight instructors. We aim to make the complicated¬† …simple.

We hope you find the website useful.

Andrew & Team


Aviation has long been a complex and constant changing industry. We aim to make the industry simple to understand, and easy to stay current.


We hope to become the number 1 platform for pilots to find the latest information on remaining current, developing new skills and discover new flying adventures.